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the guest lecturers of our projects:

2006   maria jonas

2007   nigel rogers / peter maus

2008   charlotte lehmann / ralph eschrig

next project :           semele

next masterclass:  steglitzer tage für alte music berlin / steglitz days for early music berlin

20th – 24th of may 2009
semele    scenical and musical studies
lecturers:   charlotte lehmann ▫ nigel rogers ▫

egon mihajlović ▫ thomas m. zipf

additional:  flauta   ljubiša jovanović ▫

arpa   johanna seitz ▫ coro   anka sommer

previewed 2009:         masterclass in ravenna   italia


the master – classes:  preparation of the singers, sometimes even instrumentalists by lectures of well – known singing professors or singers. in 2006 the principal professor was maria jonas / germany, a specialist for early music technic back to the medieval times. in 2007 it was the famous tenor nigel rogers / great bitain , first and named best orfeo – performer of our times. in 2008, start of the preparations for our upcomming production of semele of g. f. händel, it was and is professor charlotte lehmann / germany. she is the teacher of – for example – thomas quasthoff and professor at the universities of hannover and würzburg.  those lectures are accompeigned by basical scenic work, often a second professor or lecturer for singing with a strong focus on recitation and language skills.

the production: final meeting of three to six weeks where the productions are staged, including the construction of the scenery and the built – up of the orchestra, in case it doesn’t exist one at the place of this meeting. in the first three years of the co-operation we needed early music specialists as well as for upcomming semele, so we assembled them from all-over europe. usually we involve volunteers, assistants and stage-crew of local and international provenance and make beginners familiar with cultural organization.

notice: we are open-minded for young professionals and talents, seriously interested in music theatre. to get a role, profund skills in classical singing are requested. the master-classes will give you the chance to find out more about your potential and will give us the chance, to learn more about you. usually those master-classes are open-classes. an application is requested and the number of participants may be limited.  don’t hesitate to applicate by sending the usual material, in particular your detailed cv with photo, and if possible a cd or something similar. when we start the concrete staging of the production masterclasses are regularly fee-free but strictly limited on invitation. for a first contact use the application form or contact us [info@eoc…??] or use the contact and formula of the master-class you are interested in by using the link.