2005 Agripina


libretto di vicenzo grimani

musica di georg friedrich händel

venezia 1709

opening night august 16th, 2005              theatre of the kulturni centar kotor montenegro

cast claudio  predrag  milanović ◦ agrippina  amut krumbach ◦ nerone  margarete huber ◦ poppea  cornelia selent ◦ ottone  peter rehkop ◦ pallante  branislav radaković ◦ narciso  nastassja  nass ◦ junone  anka sommer ● stage–crew and imperial securities gazmend sadrijaj ◦ ozim  ferai ◦ berhom sadrijaj ● orchestra grand piano ana mihaljević ◦ musical director  egon mihajlović ● musical studies  anka sommer ◦ toshinori ozaki ◦ director and scenical studies  thomas m. zipf ● kulturni centar kotor  technical director petar pejović ◦ lighting mladen petrović ◦ stagemanager ivica mihailović ◦ make-up peter rehkop

agrippina indicates the beginning of our co-operations. it was the first completely staged opera in the theatre of the kulturni centar kotor at all. with our crew, hell-bent on making opera here and now, we staged the whole production in just three weeks. the unforgettable input of our small stage-crew, as well as the gorgeous piano-playing of ana mihajlević mark a milestone in the co-operation’s early days.

in the last hours, at the end of three exhausting weeks, we decided to adventure l’incoronazione di poppea, the sequel of the agrippina plot, next summer, with entire orchestra – no doubt a cliffhanger